Bowfishing TV – Let's Go Shoot Some Fish! #Bowfishing

Tune in starting in January on Pursuit Channel for Bowfishing TV!We made many friends this year, created a lot of great memories, and had the honor of shooting fish with our Nations' Heroes. The ride has been amazing and the journey has just begun!!! Hope to see you guys and gals on the water!! Let's Go Shoot Some Fish!!!

Posted by Bowfishing TV on Thursday, October 11, 2018


Bowfishing TV was launched in 2018 to showcase bowfishing for the bowfishing community.

Our goal is to provide entertaining content to showcase the the world of bowfishing,  educate the viewers,  and get others involved.

In addition to producing the program, we provide guided bowfishing adventures, provide filming services, and participate in bowfishing tournaments.

You can catch Bowfishing TV  on the Pursuit Channel and Gen 7 Outdoors starting in January of 2019.

Pursuit Channel

  • Pursuit Channel on Dish Network Channel 393
  • Pursuit Channel on Direct TV Channel 604
  • Pursuit Channel on FIOS by Verizon Channel 818
  • Pursuit Channel on AT&T U-verse Channel 1644 HD
  • Pursuit Channel on Century Link Prism HD Channel 1677